Island - 36710 sq.m.

Oinousses, N. Chiou
3.500.000 € 95 € / sq.m.


Agios Panteleimonas or Mandraki is an islet in Oinouses and the north-eastern Aegean Sea, which is located opposite (south) from the port and the Monopetria cape of the island with the highest point at 40 meters. Next to and to the northwest are the islets of Papapontadiko and Halikas (or Pateronissos).

One side of the island has several trees (pines, eucalyptus, poplars, olives). At its south-eastern end there is a nautical lighthouse. A small jetty in the middle of the western side demarcates the entrance to the port of Oinoussa, while on a rock at its southeastern edge there is a statue of a bronze crowned mermaid (symbol of eternal companionship of sailors).
Currently there are three amazing churches on the island each with its own unique history. There is a well that provides drinking water and a generator that provides electricity to the churches.
It also has planning permission for the owner to build a villa if he wants. The island has an area of ​​36,710 square meters. In the summer the population of Oinoussa increases as in the last decade it has become a hotspot for many international tourists.

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Sale price: €3,500,000.

Property code: 2377